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2019 - Jesilyn Faust

Jesilyn Faust Global Studies internship was with GABRIELA National Alliance of Women in the Philippines. GABRIELA is a grassroots-based alliance of more than 200 organizations, institutions, desks and programs for women all over the Philippines.

The alliance organizes women, especially farmers, workers, urban poor and students to vigorously campaign on women-specific issues such as women’s rights, gender discrimination, violence against women, and women’s health and reproductive rights. GABRIELA is also at the forefront of national and international economic and political issues that affect women. In addition, GABRIELA provides direct services for marginalized women through its National Office, provincial and regional centers, and member institutions.

swaroopa lahiri

2018 - Swaroopa Lahiri​

Swaroopa Lahiri, a doctoral student in Global Studies, worked in coordination with the Sundarban Tiger Widow Welfare Society and the Tiger Widows Organization in West Bengal, India.  She interviewed households and gathered information about the needs of impacted widows and families. Swaroopa also taught English and math to the children in the village.

Swaroopa had these comments about the experience:

"My visit to the Sundarbans made me take note of the importance of being on the ground and talking to real people instead of being miles away and talking about poverty eradication, while being completely disconnected from the field realities … Teaching in the Sundarban Islands was the most rewarding part of my project as I witnessed the eagerness and interest of the children in learning new material and their exceptional capability, hindered by the lack of opportunities and infrastructure.”

Javiera Salazar with Bill Clinton

2016 - Javiera Madrid Salazar

Javiera spent the first half of her internship with the Clinton Development Initiative (CDI). Her work at CDI focused on knowledge transfer and the determinants of technology adoption among smallholder farmers in South East Africa. She centered on the role of illiteracy as a constraint and disempowering factor in the knowledge transfer process, particularly in the case of women.  

During the second half of her internship, Javiera worked with the Office of Migration and Development at the International Organization for Migration’s Mission in Chile. She proposed and later carried out a research project to create a comprehensive, user-friendly compilation of the different successful programs and initiatives that local governments are pursuing to facilitate immigrants’ successful integration into the community.  

Ana Caroline Moreno and Suelaine Carneiro

2018 - Ana Caroline de Oliveira Moreno

Ana Caroline Moreno was a graduate student in Global Studies whose area of focus was political violence and feminism in Latin America. Ana traveled to São Paulo, Brazil and worked with two of the leading NGOs known to advocate for the rights of women, Afro-Brazilians, LGBT people, and low-income communities.

Ana said:

“This experience taught me a lot about resilience and doing what you believe to be the right thing. There's something extremely rich and exciting about witnessing and performing relevant community work and discussing feminism, empowerment, and racism in places where these themes don't come up naturally.”

Alexander Markovich

2017 - Alexander Markovich

​Alex worked on a fundraising and awareness campaign with Ugandan NGO Kirabo Doors of Hope. This organization strives to empower disadvantaged children through education and stability.

The project he worked on sought to procure funds for the drilling of a new borehole near the school/children's center near Jinja Town, Uganda. Through their efforts, they raised enough funds to drill a borehole, providing clean drinking water for the children living at the center. 

Citadel Ruins Amman Jordan

2015 - Gokh Amin 

Gokh travelled to Amman, Jordan where she volunteered with several organizations, the most prominent of which was Dar Al Yasmin. There, Gokh was tasked to help the staff organize and stage a reoccurring event “Habayabi” – for the al-Zaatari Refugee Camp, the world’s largest camp for Syrian refugees. During this event, educational activities, crafts, and games are provided for Syrian refugee children living in the camp to help give them some sense of normality in their new life.


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