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2014 - Caitlin Viejby

Caitlin worked with a nonprofit organization in regenerating a neighborhood in central Johannesburg, South Africa called Maboneng.  Her work focused on building inclusivity in an up-and-coming neighborhood.  She focused on starting an employment center that would offer training workshops and networking opportunities to connect job-seekers with new employment opportunities in this transitioning neighborhood.


2013 - Felicia Graham

Felicia studied the impact of oil production on local and indigenous communities in Bucaramanaga, Colombia.  She partnered with SOS Children’s Village, helping to provide health and education services to displaced women and children.

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2013 - Hannah Brown

Hannah spent several months in Uganda working with the Network for Africa in the northern rural town of Patongo. The Network for Africa helps support local NGOs that serve individuals affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army who suffer from massive trauma.  She then interned in Kampala, Uganda at the US Embassy in the Economic and Political Affairs Division, working to monitor and report on regional stability and human rights issues, especially related to women.

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2011 - Hannah Haehn

During her internship, Hannah worked at the Yayasan Bumi Sehat Birth Clinic in Bali, Indonesia.  Bumi Sehat fills an important gap on the island of Bali in offering birthing services to women living in that area, regardless of their ability to pay.  The clinic helps train midwives who can offer Bumi Sehat’s humanized birth model all across Indonesia.  In 2011, Robin Lim, the American. who founded this clinic, received the CNN Hero of the Year award.


2010 - Yenly Thach

Yenly was sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative to spend the first half of her internship at the UN High Commission for Refugees in Geneva.  Subsequently, she went to Cambodia to learn firsthand what challenges refugee returnees face.  Her research paper compared the experiences of refugee returnees to Cambodia with her own experience as a Cambodian refugee in the US. Yenly conducted many interviews with returnees to gain insight into the many issues they face upon return.

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2009 - Caroline Le 

​During her internship, Caroline worked with Vietnamese and other Asians at a shelter for exploited women in Taiwan. 

She spoke of her experience:

'I feel truly blessed to have had this experience, however challenging it was.  I want nothing more than to be able to help these women in any way that I can and to share their stories –especially with those who don't realize the gravity of human trafficking in our world today.'


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